What follows is a concise description of our ring program..
The RING PROGRAM is divided into three main groups:
1. Obedience exercises.
2. Spring exercises.
3. Bitework exercises.

The ring competitions take place between the beginning of March and the end of August within a fenced area (ring).
They are divided into 3 categories as foreseen in the sports calendar:

* category III: beginners class

* Category II - Category 3 to 2
A dog that starts in category 3 moves to category 2, after having obtained 10 times 300 points.
Note: Each participant, mentioned on the program of the National Championship as well as the reserves, will automatically switch to category 2 the following year.

* Category I - Category 2 to 1
A category 2 dog moves to category 1, after having gained 8 times 320 points.
Note: Each participant, listed on the program of the National Championship as well as the reserves, will automatically switch to category 1 the following year.
From the second Sunday of September, the Belgian championships are organized weekly.
Only the fifteen best classified dogs can compete for the title of Belgian champion in their respective category:

The ranking  is determined by the places achieved at the official matches.
In the case of equality, points achieved are taken into account. See above "classification".
Anyone wishing to receive the full "regulations" program can order this via payment via the NVBK secretariat or read in full through this site.
Note that printing is not allowed.

Members of other organizations can participate in a ring contest for a maximum of 3 times. For this they must apply for a membership card through the National Secretariat. Their obtained result, however, does not apply to be ranked in the final score. For example, they can feel how a ring competition according to the rules of the NVBK. expires.
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Here you can view all champions, this of the three categories.
The winners of the "Grand Prize of the Provinces" are also mentioned.
List with all judges in ring. This list includes National, regional and prospective judges.
Information to obtain a license  can be found in the "Ring Regulation
The ring committee consists of three groups. Amators Council, judges and corps of decoys. Each group appoints three members who together form the "executive committee" UCR. Within the UCR a coordinator, assistant coordinator and secretary is elected. For more information, see the ring committee.
Here you will find local authorities and all decoy men. Graduate and non-graduate are listed separately.
Every locality organizes annual classes for assailants.
Affiliated clubs that practice ring work result under a Provincial Association. Each province has its own board that is responsible for their clubs that practice ring work. The provinces have their own regulations that may not be in conflict with the rules of the NVBK.